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Extreme Sonar periodically releases new products for the sonar market. Current products include a Directional Ultra-Wideband Blade Sensor and a 200-Watt Wideband Power Amplifier / Ultrasonic Pulser with FHSS Waveform Generator.

Extreme Sonar Directional Ultra-Wideband Blade Sensor

  • Hydrophones: Seven (7) in hexagonal array

  • Hydrophone Spacing: 1.5" center to center

  • Spacial Coverage: Up to 80 degrees off boresight

  • Usable Frequency Band: 100Hz to 625kHz

  • Preamp Gain: 47 dB maximum

  • Preamp Filtering: Sea State HPF and Anti-Aliasing

  • Preamp Noise: 0.7nV per root Hz RTI

  • Digitization: 24-bit differential @ fs = 1.25MHz

  • Clipping Level: >180dB re 1uPa per root Hz

  • Integrated Cyclone V SoC Processor

  • Bus Protocol: Gb Ethernet

  • Output Data Formats:

    • Raw: 24-bits

    • Compressed: 16-bit block floating point

    • DCL records

  • Power: 5 Watts maximum

  • Input Voltage: 9V to 36V Isolated Power Supply

  • Dimensions: 5" x 9" x 0.75" w/o mounting bracket

  • Weight: 2 kg (in air) w/o mounting bracket

  • Maximum Depth: 150 meters

  • Low Cost: $15K/$10K in low/medium volume

  • Optional built-in propulsion noise cancellation

  • On-Board or External Processing for:

    • Active broadband receiver

    • Passive detection of marine mammals

    • Wideband directional acoustic receiver and recorder for improved situational awareness

Installs on platforms without requiring recessed pressure bottle or fairing. Blade design minimizes drag, maintains laminar flow over array, and provides close to 4 Pi steradian coverage. Includes input for an external  accelerometer or hydrophone to cancel propulsion noise. This is essential for best performance in UUV applications.

Extreme Sonar Ultra-Wideband 200 Watt Pulser

  • Low-cost, high-efficiency, wideband Pulser based on a synchronous Class-E Power Amplifier

  • Generates positive and negative high current 200 ns impulses at voltages of up to 1.5 KV peak-peak

  • Ideal for driving acoustic projectors for:

    • Ultrasonic Antifouling,

    • Wideband Acoustic Countermeasures,

    • Bottom Profiling and Mine Hunting,

    • Ultrasonic Imaging,

    • Terrain and Obstacle Avoidance, and

    • Underwater Communications.

  • 3.375" x 2.5" x 0.625" PCB

  • Delivers 200 Watts into a piezo-ceramic transducer array from a 12V @ 20A input

  • Conduction cooling to the case through the bottom PCB layer saves space and avoids requirement for fans, heat sinks or heat pipes

  • Incorporates a waveform generator for Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), arbitrary waveform generation, or external input

  • Waveform output monitor for receiver synchronization and matched filter detector

  • Low parts count and high reliability

  • Configured to work efficiently with piezoceramic transducers over a wide frequency band without requiring application specific tuning inductors

  • I2C status outputs for board temperature, voltage, current and power

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