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Developing high performance sonar systems requires a wide variety of talents that are not easy to assemble in a large company, let alone a small company. Extreme Sonar is committed to having the highest quality people working on each task, and therefor establishes teaming agreements with top companies in the industry, large and small, to make this a reality.

Alan T. Sassler
Chief Scientist

Alan T. Sassler is the Chief Scientist at Extreme Sonar LLC. He is responsible for technical direction and product development. Mr. Sassler's current major projects at Extreme Sonar are the development of a wideband ultrasonic anti-biofouling system, and an active sonar for detecting nearby marine life which also incorporates multiple directional wideband receivers for detection of close in submerged contacts, including marine mammals, divers, swimmer delivery vehicles, and UUVs.

Mr. Sassler's prior experience includes stints as Director of Engineering at Advanced Acoustic Concepts, Chief Scientist at Analysis, Design & Diagnostics, Sonar Project Manager at Scientific Atlanta's Signal Processing Systems, Senior Project Engineer at Bendix Oceanics, and Principal Engineer at Gould Ocean Systems.

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